Pros and cons of owning a bass boat: A helpful newbie guide

Like fishing a lot? Then already, you might have come across a popular boat know as “BASS boat,” which is designed and equipped primarily for bass fishing or fishing in general.

Here, we’ll walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of owning a bass boat so you can make the best call for yourself. Will a bass boat make your boating or fishing better? Or is it something you’re better off without?

The Pros Of Owning A Bass Boat

Bass boats are good for fishing due to their shallow draft, more deck space for casting, and more storage space for keeping your fishing gear. Other than fishing-related benefits, another essential benefit is bass boats hold their value well, which is important for many people.

Bass Boats Hold Their Value Well

The depreciating nature of boats, in general, makes many people think more than twice before buying a boat (not only a bass boat). But unlike other boats, Bass boats hold their value well at the end, not only just a bass boat; all fishing boats hold their value well.

Both aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats hold their value well over the first five to seven years. If you buy one of these boats, especially a bass boat, you will get a good resale value at the end if you sell within the first 7 years or less. However, if you maintain it well, you can get a good resale value on any boat.

Bass Boats Have More Storage Space

Bass boats have a unique advantage over other boats (fishing boats in general), that is, more storage space. A bass boat has storage that is mostly for the main equipment that you’re going to be taking with you out in the water. It includes rod storage, tackle storage, lockers, and livewells, etc.

There is a storage place in a bass boat that is used to store the fish that you’ve caught, so that’s something that the other boat doesn’t necessarily come with unless you’ve got yourself some specially customized boat. And all of them are closed and protected storages, not open.

Bass Boats Have Shallow-Draft Good For Shallow Waters

The boat’s draft is the vertical distance between the waterline and the bottom of the hull. In other terms, the boat’s draft refers to how deep the boat sits in the water. The average draft of a bass boat is 8″ – 11″ depending on the model. This means the boat can float in the water at this depth.

However, it cannot run at these depths. On average bass boat can run at shallow depths between 12″ and 24″ due to the engine, which will stick out at the boat’s bottom (source). A shallow draft means you can go fishing in shallow waters and catch more fishes.

Bass Boats Are Great For Fishing

The name itself tells that the bass boats are good for bass fishing, but they are also good for fishing in general. A bass boat has platforms both at the front and the back of the boat that allow you to cast off (pretty much all of the boat is a deck). There are also places where you can add fishing chairs.

Although the most that you can fit comfortably would be three, there is also storage space for tackle and other equipment such as rod storage, tackle storage, lockers, and livewells. And with the shallow draft, these boats are perfect for fishing in most areas, even in shallow waters.

Bass Boats Are Very Stable

Most bass boats are very stable compared to other boats due to their low bows. They are even less impacted by wind than other boats which sit higher above the water. However, if the wind increases, stability decreases. But under normal conditions, the bass boats are very stable in nature.

Most bass boats have flat hulls, not very deep, though, allowing most of the hull to be in contact with the water. More hull surface contact with water means more stability; however, if it is a V-hulled boat, the stability may decrease a little, but most of the bass boats are stable under normal conditions than other boats.

Bass Boats Are Easy To Store And Takes Less Space

Bass boats are typically half the size of most of the boats in terms of height, though, and the overall design is very sleek. Unlike other boats, most bass boats don’t have bimini tops or any on top of the boat, making them occupy less space in the garage or outside.

However, it won’t make much of a difference in terms of length, but breath and height wise they are more different. It will fit well in a garage and takes less space. These are the main advantages of owning a bass boat. We will now see the drawbacks of having one.

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The Cons Of Owning A Bass Boat

The drawbacks of owning a bass boat are bass boats aren’t good for rough waters due to their low bows, have less seating capacity compared to same-sized other boats, and also give less protection for you from external elements like sun, rain, etc.

Bass Boats Won’t Handle Rough Waters Well

Bass boats won’t handle rough water well, especially due to their low bows. If freeboard (Freeboard is the distance between the waterline to the upper edge of the deck) is more for a boat, it will be hugely impacted by wind around 30MPH. Higher it sits above the water; it will be hugely impacted by wind.

Likewise, if the freeboard area is more, boats won’t take much water. But bass boats don’t have much of a freeboard, and they can easily take water if the water becomes choppy. If it takes more water, it can easily capsize a bass boat or sink a boat if that water is not pumped out quickly.

Bass Boats Have Less Seating Capacity

There are times when you want to bring those that are close to you along for a ride on your boat, but bass boats won’t allow many people on board. Some fishing lovers call this an advantage since they can carry more gear than people. But most full-sized bass boats that are around 20 to 21 feet can usually carry 5 people.

They can also handle 900 to 1100 pounds. Typically, bass boats aren’t the ones that you’re going to be using when you’re headed out for a vacation with the family on the waters. Most bass boats may seat only three people, but you can usually fit more riders if you have a big front deck.

Bass Boats Have Less Security From External Elements

Unlike boats with Bimini tops, bass boats don’t have anything on top of you to protect you from the sun, rain, or any. Protection from the elements is limited to what you can wear (sunscreen, raingear, Fish Hedz, hat, etc.). So, you need to prepare yourself well before every ride.

If it is in summer, you need to wear sunscreen or a hat or something that covers you well. However, this won’t be much of a problem for many boaters. These are the main drawbacks of owning a bass boat.

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The Final Thoughts

The main advantages of owning a bass boat are bass boats hold their value well, storage space for fishing-related or other gear is more, and most importantly, it is good for fishing because it has more casting deck and shallow draft, making you reach all the corners in the lake.

But don’t buy a fishing boat if you are not into fishing because some of the boats like these bass boats won’t handle rough water well compared to the same-sized other boats. So define your boat’s usage and go for a boat that you need based on your needs.


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