Here at Boating Valley, we are all passionate about the outdoors and the feeling of freedom that comes with tearing up the trails on motorized vehicles of all types, but mainly boats. This is one of those sports that draws you in with the promise of adrenaline, adventure, spectacular sights, and a whole lot of thrills along the way.

My name is Mahidhar, and I created Boating Valley in 2020, during the Covid times, as a way to learn more about my passion for boating and to know answers to the millions of questions on boats that I couldn’t find answers to.

As I learn those things about the boats, I share some of my learnings through this website. Right now, I am the solo writer on this website. I’m just another man like you in a small town who loves boating as much as the other million internet users that cruise sites like boatingvalley.com every day.

You’ll find in-depth articles covering tips, tricks, and reviews on almost anything that floats, including from a small kayak to a Yacht and other popular boats on this website.