How Much Does a Bass Boat Cost? 15 Examples (Details included)

Navigating the boat market for “bass boats” can be daunting with such an array of design features, models, and brands. Bass boats are perfect for fishing. However, before purchasing a bass boat, you need to know how much it costs.

Bass boats typically cost anywhere between $20,000-$75,000 and are between 16-22 ft in length. The price mainly depends on the boat’s size, make, model year, modifications, and speed. Yet, bass boats without certain features (fewer modifications) can cost less than $20,000, and vice versa.

There are many different bass boats on the market, so we have compiled a list of some of the best ones. Here you will find information on some of the best-rated bass boats in a variety of categories. But, first, let’s look at 15 examples of bass boats and compare their prices.

Bass BoatPriceBoat Length
Pro Team 175 TF$21,99517′ 7″
Bay 18 GX Tunnel$24,43718′ 10″
1775 Renegade$26,76117′ 9″
Stinger 198$36,14220′
X21 Pro w/ Yamaha VF175LA$41,69521′
Fish Hawk WT$56,72619′ 6″
Z21 XL Bass$59,99521′ 2″
Vexus DVX19$62,86319′
starcraft STX 2050$71,47120′ 10″
Triton 21 TRX$72,59521′
2022 Ranger Z520R$76,99520′ 11″
2022 Skeeter FXR21 Apex Bass$89,09521′ 4″
Puma STS$107,83520′ 7″
Platinum SE 227$115,99922′
SeaArk BC 21021′ 6″

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Puma STS

When it comes to freshwater fishing boats, the Bass Cat Puma STS seems to have the best when it comes to comfort. Coming in at $107,835, this boat is built for luxury fishing. It has leather seats, cup holders, pockets for fishing poles, and several compartments to keep your items dry and safe.

This bass boat is 20 feet and seven inches long. This makes for a lot of space for fishing gear and a lot of room to move as you fish. Weighing in at 2,100 pounds, this boat has about 200-300 horsepower and a 60-gallon fuel tank. (Source)

Along with all the essentials, this boat has a ventilation system, a fully insulated ice chest, and fully insulated deck lids. This boat can easily be used at night with lighted handrails, an integrated stainless ladder, and an underwater wake light.

All the outer features are coated in a Vinyl Ester Resin on 60%. The hull is made of 100% fiberglass, so it cuts through the water extremely well.

Fish Hawk WT

Made by Crestline, this vessel is 19 feet and 6 inches in length, 88.5 inches in width, and has a horsepower range of 150-225, which is perfect for fishing. With 7 seats, there is plenty of room for friends and family to join in on your fishing expedition.

This boat also has a 50-gallon gas tank, so you can fish all day without needing gas. This beautiful watercraft starts at $56,726 and is made for saltwater fishing.

With a max weight capacity of 2,100 pounds, there is plenty of room for all of your essential gear and multiple passengers. If you need more room, collapse the seats, so they go into the floor.

With premium console control, this boat moves smoothly, is easy to control, and has extra storage access on the deck. Because of the open floor plan, you have an unobstructed view of the world around you while in the boat. (Source)

Bay 18 GX Tunnel

G3 boats created this freshwater boat for efficiency and function. Coming in at 18 feet and 10 inches long and about 97 inches wide, this bass boat is slightly smaller than most. This boat has elevated leather seating, under deck storage, and a small space for tackle boxes. (Source)

This boat was made for functionality and cost $24,437. You can choose from four engines: the Yamaha Mid-Range F90LB Four Stroke, Yamaha 1.8L V MAX SHO VF90LA Four Stroke, Yamaha In-Line Four F115LB Four Stroke, or the Yamaha 1.8L V MAX SHO VF115LA Four Stroke.

All of these engines are exceptional when it comes to power. So if you want to customize the color and flooring of your bass boat, this is the boat you need.

Stinger 198

The Lowe Boats Stinger 198 is an excellent bass boat that costs $36,142. With 115-150 horsepower, this machine can hold 29 gallons of fuel and 1,240 pounds of weight. Four passengers can be on the boat comfortably, and there is storage space for tackle boxes.

At nearly 20 feet long, this boat is medium-sized and has 83 square feet of deck space. (Source) This boat has cup holders, 6 nylon mooring cleats, a soft grip steering wheel, a switch control panel, and a depth finder.

The engine is a Mercury 115 ELPT FourStroke, which is perfect for calm water fishing. The seats can be folded down, so there is more room for fishing and casting.

1775 Renegade

Made by Lund, this boat costs $26,761. With a length of 17 feet and 9 inches, and a 95-inch beamwidth, this vessel works well in coves and backwaters. Equipped with a 22-gallon gas tank, this boat is perfect for fishing in shallow waters. This boat is specially designed for mounting fish locators (Source).

This boat is perfect for long fishing trips with the switches in easy reach, a comfortable steering wheel, seats, and plenty of storage. In addition, it has plenty of storage for tackle boxes and room on the deck for casting.

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Z21 XL Bass

Nitro’s Z21 XL Bass Boat costs $59,995. Because of the fiberglass hull, this boat easily cuts through the water. With a lot of storage for gear and a lot of deck space, this boat is optimum for fishing and fun.

This boat is 21 feet and 2 inches long and is 7 feet and 11-inch in width, so it is large enough for you to go fishing with friends and family.

This boat can hold 60 gallons of gas and up to four people on the deck. It can hold up to 1800 lbs. With 5 drink holders and plenty of storage, this boat is amazing for circling the cove to find the best spot to spend hours fishing in (Source).

Because of the non-skid mats, you and your passengers won’t slip and fall, even when the deck is wet. The net storage enables you to bring your fishing net and haul a large number of fish in at once.

Platinum SE 227

The Platinum SE 227 is 22 feet long, 84 inches wide, and has a deadrise of 18 inches. This boat is large and has plenty of room to stand. With 350 horsepower, this boat can go extremely fast and can hold 2,517 pounds. It can hold up to eleven people at once.

This boat costs $115,999. Because of how long it is and how many accessories it has, this is one of the most expensive bass boats on this list. (Source) The engine can hold 55 gallons of gas.

With a self-draining splash well, this boat can drain itself if water comes into it. This boat is equipped with an ice chest to keep drinks cold, has storage under the deck, and 2 fold-down jump seats.

2022 Ranger Z520R

Ranger Boats created the 2022 Ranger Z520R. With a price of $76,995, this bass boat is extremely nice. It is built with a length of 20 feet and 11 inches, and 96 inches wide. With 250 horsepower, this is certainly a fast model. With a 54-gallon capacity tank, this boat can be used all day.

This boat can hold up to 1850 lbs. The motor is a 250 L Pro XS Torque Master 1.75. With an integrated rod and tackle management system, this boat provides the best organization system possible. After you use the 10-gallon ice cooler, you can easily drain the water out because of the built-in drain. (Source)

A tilted windshield and handholds maximize your view as you float along the channel, and a padded front deck provides comfort while fishing.

SeaArk BC 210

The SeaArk Boat BC 210 is 21 feet and 6 inches in length and is 94-inches wide. It can hold approximately 1,800 pounds and four people. This boat is equipped with two 19 gallon gas tanks.

This boat has a 43-gallon Livewell with dual lids and lights that is perfect for storing catches. With handles near the passenger seats, it is easy to stay safe as you find the perfect fishing spot. (Source)

With LED courtesy lights on the console, a voltmeter, and a USB port, you can keep your devices charged while on the boat. The hydraulic steering means you can easily turn out of tight spots. With plenty of storage for equipment, this boat is perfect for a long day of fishing on a lagoon or lake.

2022 Skeeter FXR21 Apex Bass

Skeeter Performance fishing boats made this boat for tournament-level fishermen. But, when it comes to competition boats, you can’t get much better than this.

This boat is 21 feet and 4 inches long and 97 inches wide. This master boat holds a maximum weight of 2275 lbs and has a 48-gallon gas tank, which can come in handy during a fishing competition. (Source)

The cockpit acts as a command center and has digital gauges, analog push buttons, and switches. There is an ice chest under the center seat that is a perfect place to store cold drinks. This professional boat has a price tag of $89,095.

Starcraft STX 2050

Starcraft Marine created this boat so you can be comfortable while doing what you love. This boat is 20 feet and 10 inches long. With a maximum horsepower of 250 HP and a fuel capacity of 48 gallons, this boat is ready to go whenever you are.

This boat has a maximum capacity of 1,341 pounds while on the water and a dry weight of 2,160 pounds. (Source). It can hold up to 10 people and has four seats. This boat comes with a self-circulating, oxygenating Livewell and Baitwell for all of the bait and fish that you need to have on hand.

This boat also comes with top-of-the-line features that ensure you are ready for your next fishing competition. The average cost is $71,471.

Vexus DVX19

Vexus seems to have created this boat with comfort in mind. The seats are handcrafted leather and have a sleek and delicate look to them. With 19 feet long, 101 inches wide, this boat can pump out 200 horsepower and has a 40-gallon gas tank.

A self-circulating Livewell has its own cleaning and circulation system. This boat costs $61,595, which is much less than bass boats of a similar size. (Source)

This boat has under-deck storage throughout the entire boat. With non-slip floors and many cupholders, you can enjoy your day while on this boat and stay safe.

Pro Team 175 TF

This bass boat made by Tracker Boats costs $21,995. This boat is 17 feet and 7 inches long. This boat has a fuel capacity of 21.5 gallons. It can hold up to four passengers and a total of 1090 lbs.

A lovely Livewell system is on this boat, ready for your catch to be stored. A recessed bow deck allows for easy movement and a large space. The deck has space for you to store your equipment bags, fishing poles, and multiple tackle boxes. (Source)

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Triton 21 TRX

This vessel is 21 feet in length and 95 inches wide. It has a 44.5 gallon Livewell and costs $72,595. This bass boat has 250 Horsepower, a 47-gallon fuel tank, 168 quarts of storage in the back, and 352 quarts of storage in the front.

The approximate hull weight is 1840 lbs. It has a built-in Ice chest that can hold up to 51 gallons. You can choose both the type of motor and the color of your Triton Boats 21 TRX.

A removable windshield gives you a fantastic view of the water. It has compartment lights inside for night fishing trips and oversized fishing boxes that can be locked. (Source)

X21 Pro w/ Yamaha VF175LA

The Xpress Boats X21 Pro with Yamaha VF175LA costs $41,695. Being 21 feet in length and 95 inches wide, this boat has plenty of room for you and your passengers. It can hold up to 1,800 pounds. The gas tank can hold up to 40 gallons of gas.

This boat can hold up to four people at a time and has plenty of in-deck storage. (Source) It seems to have been specially made to connect depth meters to it and movement detectors. This boat is easy to navigate and has an extremely sleek exterior.

Final Thoughts

Bass boats typically cost anywhere between $20,000-$75,000 and are between 16-22 feet in length. The price mainly depends on the boat’s length, make, model year, modifications, and speed. Naturally, the longer the boat is, the more expensive it will be.

Although bass boats are a little expensive, they are worth it in the end. Deciding which bass boat is right for you will depend on how many people you want to take with you, trip durations, your budget, and so many other factors.

Although it is ultimately up to you what bass boat you purchase, all of these models should be considered. All of these boats have plenty of storage space for your gear and allow you to bring friends and family with you on your fishing trips.


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